A Massive Structure Has Unearthed Near Khufu!

Raghad Khaled

A Massive Discovery Has Been Made Near The Khufu Pyramid!

Egyptian researchers and archaeologists announced a massive discovery of a huge structure near the Khufu Pyramid, the largest pyramid in Egypt using subsoil scanning devices!

Great Pyramid of Giza - Wikipedia

The Discovery:

Researchers from the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Higashinihon Kokusai University, and Tohoku University scanned beneath the surface using modern and advanced equipment, in an empty area of ​​the Western Cemetery in Giza next to the Great Pyramid.

The discovery revealed strange objects that researchers believe “may be vertical limestone walls or columns leading to an ancient tomb structure.”

The team then conducted further scanning using another type of ground-penetrating radar to determine the shape of the large unknown structure, and the results indicated a structure about 1 meter by 15 meters tall, located 2 meters underground in an L-shape which appears to be connected to another large structure.


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