A Retired Director Is Sparking Controversy After Prohibiting Girls From Wearing Hot Shorts At Home


Fadwa Mawaheb sparks outrage with her latest preaching video

It seems that the video shared by users on social media has sparked a lot of controversy regarding Fadwa Mawaheb’s viewpoint on wearing hot shorts at home. and with conflicting opinions about her stance, the discussion escalated significantly on social media.

Fadwa Mawaheb appeared in the video, warning young girls against wearing hot shorts at home in front of their mothers, as that is considered shameful, noting that this will increase the girl’s bad deeds.



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Preserving morals or promoting conservatism?

On one hand, some users consider Fadwa Mawaheb’s statements to lean towards strictness and conservatism, considering that girls should have the freedom to wear whatever they want at home without restrictions, and that statements indicating the restriction of freedoms may negatively affect their personal and social development.

On the other hand, others see that Mawaheb seeks to preserve moral values and religious traditions, trying to convey a positive message about modesty and maintaining chastity, especially concerning young girls.

A social divide

Of course, there are both supportive and critical comments towards Fadwa Mawaheb and her stance, reflecting the diversity of opinions and positions in society. This situation shows how conflicting ideas and opinions can lead to heated discussions in contemporary societies.

Some also believed that with these videos she is actively working to raise an extremist generation, far from tolerant mediocrity, and that she also aims to lead the trend through these controversial videos.

Who is Fadwa Mawaheb?

Fadwa Mawaheb is a lady of Egyptian mother and Syrian father, her father Abu Al-Mawaheb is an events director. Before venturing into religious and educational videos, Fadwa directed advertisements and documentaries. She also directed music videos such as Shobra by Rico, “Makdarsh Ansak” by Mohamed Hamaki, and “akher haga” for the singer Hamada Helal.

Mawaheb was in charge of directing the music video for the song “Hagat Alemthalak” for the star Tamer Hosny during her university studies when she was 18 years old.

She then made a career shift, preaching Islamic values and wore the Hijab.


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