A Strange Building Shaped Like A Screen Takes Social Media By Storm


A uniquely shaped building in one of the governorates of Egypt has sparked controversy on social media in the past few days, despite having a width of only two meters and a height of 12 floors.

Pictures of the building located in the middle of Shihabeya Square, one of the famous squares in Damietta Governorate, gained widespread popularity on social media and were described as resembling an “LCD” screen due to its narrow width.

Numerous signs for doctors and private clinics adorn its facade, while the building itself barely allows space for a small balcony. When seen or photographed from a certain angle, it appears as such, leaving questions about its interior design and how such a striking peculiarity is achieved

It turned out that the building is not inhabited by any families but is solely an administrative building. It is considered one of the distinctive structures in the area, according to Hesham Shaban, the property’s caretaker, who mentioned that the apartment sizes range from 60 to 80 square meters, with each floor containing six apartments.

Shaban pointed out that the building was constructed in 2011-2012, attributing the unique shape of the building to the specific corner it occupies, which was chosen to keep it at a safe distance from the adjacent petroleum station.


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