After 11 Years: Egypt and Turkey Strengthen Ties With Erdogan’s Visit

Manar Eissa

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s visit to Egypt marks a significant moment in diplomatic relations between the two countries. This visit, the first since 2012, comes at a crucial time amidst heightened efforts by Egypt and Qatar to de-escalate tensions in Gaza and facilitate a new ceasefire agreement. As Erdogan arrives in Cairo, hopes are high for constructive dialogue and cooperation to address pressing regional issues.

President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi warmly welcomed President Erdogan and his accompanying delegation, emphasizing the importance of this visit in strengthening bilateral ties. In a joint press conference, President El-Sisi expressed optimism about the potential to open a new page in Egypt-Turkey relations, emphasizing mutual enrichment and progress.

President Erdogan highlighted the deep historical connections between Turkey and Egypt and expressed eagerness to enhance economic cooperation. He emphasized Turkey’s commitment to increasing trade and investments in Egypt, stating, “We will seek to raise the trade exchange between Egypt and Turkey to $15 billion in the coming years.”

During the conference, Erdogan invited President El-Sisi for an upcoming visit to Ankara next April.

Amidst discussions on bilateral relations, both leaders emphasized the urgent need for a ceasefire in Gaza and the restoration of calm in the West Bank. They agreed on the importance of resuming the peace process to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza and promote stability in the region.

During his short visit on Wednesday, Erdogan expressed his happiness to visit Cairo’s historical landmarks, including the significant Islamic monument, Imam Al-Shafei Mosque.

As President Erdogan concludes his visit to Egypt, hopes for peace and cooperation in the region have been rekindled. The discussions between Turkey and Egypt have laid the groundwork for enhanced diplomatic relations and collaborative efforts to address pressing regional challenges. As both countries reaffirm their commitment to peace and stability, the prospect of a brighter future for the region emerges.



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