After “Unacceptable Escalation” Egypt Rejects Coordination With Israel On Gaza Aid

Manar Eissa

In the latest updates, Egypt has refused to coordinate with Israel regarding the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Rafah Crossing. This decision comes in light of what Egypt describes as Israel’s “unacceptable escalation”.

According to a reports by Al Qahera News, Egyptian authorities have communicated to all relevant parties that Israel bears full responsibility for the worsening humanitarian conditions in Gaza.

The war escalated further on May 7 when Israeli forces took control of the main border crossing at Rafah, effectively shutting down a critical pathway for aid into the besieged territory. This move has led to a complete halt of aid shipments, with Red Crescent sources in Egypt confirming that no aid trucks have managed to enter Gaza since last Tuesday.

To what extent are Gaza crossings (Rafah and Kerem Abu-Salem) a matter of life or death for Palestinians?

The closure of the Rafah and Kerem Abu-Salem crossings, the latter controlled by Israel, has severely restricted the flow of aid into southern Gaza. According to statements from the United Nations and other international aid organizations, these actions have almost entirely isolated the enclave, leaving displaced Palestinians with very limited access to supplies that will lead to complete starvation.

Rafah Crossing

The shutdown of the Rafah crossing also has significant implications for the health sector in Gaza. The crossing is a vital exit point for injured and ill individuals needing medical treatment abroad. The Gazan Health Ministry has reported that dozens of patients, including those suffering from serious conditions such as breast cancer and lymphoma, have been unable to leave Gaza for treatment since the closure of the crossing.



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