After Zamalek’s Surprise Exit.. Al-Ahly Secures 2-0 Win In Egyptian League Clash

Manar Eissa

Zamalek’s withdrawal from the scheduled Egyptian league match against Al-Ahly has resulted in a 2-0 victory for Al-Ahly, following a decision by the Egyptian Professional Clubs Association. 

The match, originally slated for this evening, Tuesday at Cairo Stadium, was canceled after Zamalek was notified of penalties for their withdrawal. 

The penalties imposed on Zamalek include an immediate 2-0 defeat in favor of Al-Ahly, along with a deduction of 3 points from Zamalek’s total at the end of the season. Additionally, a financial fine has been applied by the Association’s Board of Directors, targeting all parties involved in the withdrawal.

In response to Al Zamalek and Al-Masry match, Zamalek has voiced specific demands, calling for an urgent investigation into alleged refereeing violations during their match. Their demands include scrutinizing the decisions made by the match referee, ensuring all postponed first-round matches are rescheduled in sequence, and proposing an external committee to oversee and impartially organize future league fixtures in complete fairness.

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While some have supported Zamalek’s decision to withdraw, citing concerns over officiating fairness, others have celebrated Al-Ahly’s victory following the official announcement of the match result. The incident has sparked heated debates within the Egyptian football community, highlighting ongoing tensions and controversies in league management and referee oversight.


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