AI Brings Umm Kulthum Back with Controversial Song By Amr Mostafa


“Hey, let’s all gather and listen together to the voice of the ‘Planet of the East,’ Umm Kulthum, with music by Amr Mustafa. Soon, you’ll get to hear the full song!” That’s how the composer, Amr Mustafa, announced the new song by Umm Kulthum, composed by him and produced using artificial intelligence. He made the announcement in a post on his official Facebook page.

Amr Mustafa promoted the upcoming release of the song, teasing the audience with a short snippet as a tantalizing preview. He said, “Over the past 24 years, I’ve composed numerous melodies for Arab stars. Recently, with the advancements in technology and artificial intelligence, I wanted to hear what would happen if the ‘Planet of the East,’ Umm Kulthum, sang with my compositions.”

Reactions to Amr Mustafa’s compositions for Umm Kulthum, produced with artificial intelligence, varied between awe and objection. One follower commented on the lack of clarity in the sound and requested that it be improved before releasing the full song, saying, “Make sure the sound quality is better. Wishing you all the success!” To this, Mustafa replied, “The upcoming quality will be a surprise because this is just a simple sample.”


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On the other hand, producer Mohsen Jabr objected to reinterpreting Umm Kulthum’s songs using artificial intelligence. In an official statement, he declared, “No one, including the artist Amr Mustafa, despite our close relationship, has the audacity to use artificial intelligence to evoke the voice of the ‘Planet of the East,’ Umm Kulthum, or to use her name and image. There are eternal intellectual property rights that cannot be expired.”

He intended to take legal action against “any mockery or tampering with Umm Kulthum’s voice,” expressing that Umm Kulthum is a significant symbol that no one should imitate, distort, or tamper with.


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In response to the legal threats, Amr Mustafa posted on his Instagram account, saying, “The heritage revival project is ongoing, but without using anyone’s image or name, in order to respect the rights of others.”


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