Alexandria Med School Annual Iftar Was Inspired By The Palestinian Map!

Raghad Khaled

The Palestinian Map inspired Alexandria Med School Annual Iftar!

Known for their solidarity with the Palestinian cause, Alexandria University’s medicine faculty hosted their annual iftar designed on the Palestinian map!

The Student Union of the Faculty of Medicine, Alexandria University, organized the annual Iftar celebration, inside the University Stadium, in the shape of a map of Palestine!

The students of the Faculty wrote, commenting on the design of the table with the map of Palestine: “My dear, I see it in every story… where the hero who has the right triumphs over the oppressor, the usurper who has no right, and I know that even if time is long, the one who has the right will triumph in the end.”

The students explained that the Iftar is preceded by days of preparation by the organizers, and the field where the breakfast is held witnesses continuous hours of preparations from the night of the day before the event until sunset!

افطار طلاب طب الإسكندرية علي شكل خريطة فلسطين

Additionally, this is not the first time the University of Alexandria has shown its support for the Palestinian cause, as last year, the Faculty of Engineering arranged a university Iftar inspired by Al Aqsa Mosque!

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