All The Weather Updates You Need This Weekend


Weather Update for Northern Egypt:

  • Wednesday and Thursday: Some parts of northern Egypt, including Matrouh and Alexandria, may see rain. The rain could extend to Greater Cairo and the Nile Delta. Expect light rain on Friday.
  • Warm Days Ahead: Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Fayoum, Minya, and Beni Suef will have warm weather until Monday. Matrouh will have moderate daytime temperatures, and nights will be pleasant across Egypt.

  • Hot Spots: South Sinai, including Sharm El-Sheikh, will remain hot, and southern Upper Egypt, home to Luxor and Aswan, will be extremely hot.
  • Temperature Range: In Cairo and the Nile Delta, highs will be around 30-31°C, with lows of 23-24°C. South Sinai will have mid-30s°C during the day and mid-20s°C at night. The North Coast will have a nice, consistent temperature of 27-28°C with cooler evenings at 21-22°C. Northern Upper Egypt will see slightly higher temperatures of 32-33°C until Monday. Southern Upper Egypt will have highs of 39-41°C and lows of 26°C.


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