All You Need To Know About Working Hours During Ramadan

Raghad Khaled

Ramadan Timings Announced: All You Need To Know About Updated Working Hours!

As Ramadan approaches on March 10th, multiple governmental organizations have announced updated working hours to for certain sectors to accommodate the shift in timings.

The Egyptian cabinet has announced the updated working hours during Ramadan.

Mohamed El Homossany, the official spokesman of the Egyptian Cabinet, has announced that the official working hours of state organizations are from 9 AM Until 2 PM.

The Minister, Hesham Amna has announced that closing hours for commercial shops to be at 2 AM, with home-delivery service to continue around the clock.

This decision stipulates that the closing times of stores, commercial malls, restaurants, cafes, and bazaars during the month of Ramadan and the Eid al-Fitr holiday for this year, be at 2 in the morning, With the continuation of the take-out service and home delivery service 24 hours a day for restaurants and cafes

Furthermore, the Central Bank of Egypt has announced the working hours for banks to be from 9:30 AM until 1:30.

The Ministry of Transportation has also updated the operation hours for metros and trains during the holy month to accommodate the shift in schedules.

  • Metro Line One and Two: From 5:15 AM until 1 AM.
  •  Metro Line Three: From 7:15 until 1 AM.
  • Light Railway Train (LRT): from 6:00 AM until 00:00.

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