Altagamoa Slaughterer: 5 Victims Tattooed On His Body

Manar Eissa

Shocking confessions in the Case of Karim Muslim: The “Altagamoa Slaughterer”

The case of Karim Muslim, infamously dubbed the “Altagamoa Slaughterer,” continues to reveal disturbing details. Karim is accused of murdering three women and abandoning their bodies in desert areas of the Port Said and Ismailia governorates in Egypt.

Investigations have uncovered five tattoos on Karim’s body, each representing a girl he had previously tortured and beaten in horrific ways. Karim confessed that these tattoos symbolized his victims. He also admitted to using narcotic substances, particularly “Ice,” during his crimes, which led to his uncertainty about the exact number of victims and their fates.

Horrifying Evidence

Authorities confronted Karim with approximately 200 video clips found on a mobile phone, two laptops, and a high-quality camera. These videos showed him torturing his victims, engaging in sexual intercourse, killing some of them, and committing obscene acts with their bodies post-mortem. Over 11 girls appeared in these videos, and their fates are currently under investigation.

New Confessions

Karim admitted to disposing of one victim’s body along the Ismailia Road. However, her family later confirmed that she was still alive and pregnant with Karim’s child, as reported by the “Al-Masry Al-Youm” website.

Investigations revealed that Karim met girls online and brought them to his apartment in the Fifth Settlement area of Cairo. There, he would use narcotic substances with them before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Confusion over the American Embassy’s Legal Representation for Karim as Embassy involvement is denied

According to Cairo24, a source revealed that the American embassy assigned a lawyer to defend Karim, given that he holds the American nationality. However, the source later denied to Cairo24 that the American embassy had taken this step, stressing that the investigating authorities have not yet received a power of attorney from any of the lawyers to attend the renewal session or to appear with the accused in any of the ongoing investigations.

The unfolding details of this case continue to shock and horrify, as authorities work to uncover the full extent of Karim’s crimes.

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