Amal Maher Is Back After 3 Year Hiatus

Raghda Salah Embaby

After 3 years Amal Maher is back with a mini album and a song that hit 1m views in a day

After three years of anticipation, Amal Maher has returned to the music scene. With a captivating mini album titled ‘Ana Kwisa.’ This marked a triumphant comeback for the talented artist. In a remarkable achievement, one of the album’s songs extraordinarily reached 1 million views in just a single day.


‘Ana Kwisa’ can now be found on all major music platforms. Allowing fans worldwide to immerse themselves in Amal Maher’s soul-stirring melodies. This comeback is a testament to Amal’s artistic prowess, comprising a total of five enchanting songs.

Amal Maher’s absence from the music scene for three years had left fans eagerly awaiting her return. Although with ‘Ana Kwisa,’ she has proven that her musical prowess remains as potent as ever. Also the album’s instant success, with one song reaching 1 million views in a day, demonstrates the enduring appeal of her artistry.

Furthermore the title track, ‘Ana Kwisa,’ sets the tone for the entire album. As it showcases Amal’s powerful vocals and emotive storytelling. Moreover each of the other four songs in the album offers a unique musical journey. Which ensures that listeners are treated to a diverse range of emotions and melodies.

Amal Maher’s ‘Ana Kwisa’ is more than just a mini album; it is a musical revelation that reaffirms her status as a beloved and influential artist. For fans old and new, this release is a must-listen, a testament to the enduring talent of Amal Maher.



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