Amazing Gesture! Nubian Man Gifts Will Smith A Bracelet

Raghad Khaled

Amazing Gesture! Nubian Man Gifts Will Smith A Bracelet

During the promotion tour of “Bad Boys: Ride or Die,” in Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh, Will Smith met a generous Nubian man from Egypt.

In their wholesome interaction, the Egyptian man, named Mushtaq, asked the Smith if he may accept a gift from him.

Mushtaq then explained that the small pouch contained a bracelet made in Nuba in Aswan, Southern Egypt, which represents authenticity.

In complete humility, the world-renowned actor expressed his gratitude, admired the gift, and put it on immediately, repeating “Thank you, brother”

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This wholesome interaction ended with Will telling Mushtaq how he loved the bracelet, and that he appreciated the gesture.


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Users’ Reactions:

After posting the video on Facebook and Instagram, Will’s comment sections were filled with admiration for the man’s gesture and a lot of them asked Will to visit Egypt and Aswan!



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