An Archaeological Mission Finds 2000 Mummified Ram Heads In Sohag

Raghad Khaled
An Archaeological Team Finds 2000 Mummified Ram Heads In Sohag

2000 Mummified Ram Heads In Sohag

An American Archaeological mission affiliated with New York University uncovered over 2000 mummified ram heads in the Ramsees II temple site in Abydos, Sohag.

The heads date back to the Ptolemaic era.

The mission has also discovered a large building that dates back to the sixth dynasty that features a unique archaeological structure distinguished by its thick, huge walls, with a width of about five meters.


The Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities Dr. Mostafa Waziri praised the discovery and stressed its importance as it showcases the details of the life and history of the Temple of King Ramses II.

Waziri also added that the discovery contributes to understanding the life that the temple has witnessed, dating back from the sixth dynasty to the Ptolemaic era.

He also added that the mission has discovered other mummified animals in the newly found storage rooms such as dogs, ewes, wild cats, goats, and mongooses.


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