An Egyptian Ship Rescued 60 people in the Mediterranean


Egyptian ship has been diverted to rescue people after receiving a signal from the American Protection and Indemnity Club at 7:00 pm on 3rd September, that there were distress signals from a boat in the ship’s sailing area, the ministry of transportation announced on Thursday.

The ship rescued and provided all the necessary needs for 60 people of whom were 20 children and 4 infants. Their nationalities are Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians, who left Lebanon in the form of illegal immigration, heading to a European port.

Thankfully, no loss of life occurred, and their condition is all stable, the ministry said

Coordination and follow-up were also carried out by Emergency Response Team (ERT), the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety, the maritime transport sector in the Arab Republic of Egypt, and the Search and Rescue Center in Malta.

The migrants arrived in Malta on 5/9/2022 at 6:00 pm, safely.

The ship is owned by the National Shipping Company, one of the Holding Companies for Maritime and Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport.


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