Angham Reflects On Witnessing Abuse As A Child

Raghad Khaled

Angham Reflects On Witnessing Abuse As A Child

Egypt’s own nightingale Angham was the latest guest on Anas Bukhash’s AB talks show!

During the interview, she discussed her childhood, witnessing physical abuse, and her relationship with her father.

The singer talked about the hardships she faced as a child and her inability to manage between her academic life and her musical one.

She remembers during piano lessons “ I used to play the piano with my fingers cracked from the cold. I slept a few hours and I could not manage between my academic studies and musical studies,”

Additionally, she also talked about her parents being married at a young age, and how that affected her emotionally.

She stated “It was very hard being a child to children,”

Additionally, she also talked about a defining moment in her relationship with her father, and how that shaped their relationship negatively “My father hit my mother, and this situation cannot be forgotten. I loved my father hysterically during my childhood, but after this situation, I refused to even greet him when he left the house, and I was very sad for my mother,”

She also added, “I suffered from depression for years and failed to treat it with medication, but clinging to life and the future, and with the help of my children, I was able to get out of it.”

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