Artist Amr Abdullah Unmasks The Secrets Behind ‘The Giza Ripper’ Victims


In the thrilling series “The Giza Ripper,” we’ve seen some rather dramatic and, well, let’s say, unusual events unfold. Our lead actor, Ahmed Fahmy, playing the role of the infamous “ripper,” has committed quite a number of crimes, often of a rather gruesome and peculiar nature. One of the standout moments was when a hidden body was discovered inside a refrigerator – talk about chilling!

With the wide attention these scenes have garnered, Amr Abdullah, a member of the show’s production team, has taken on the rather unique task of preparing the victims’ bodies before shooting these intense scenes.


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After each episode airs, Amr Abdullah diligently shares a video clip showing him preparing life-like mannequins resembling the characters who fall victim to the “ripper’s” deeds. These mannequins are the ones subjected to the “ripper’s” sinister actions.

In one video, Amr Abdullah is seen preparing actress Hanan Shemashergi for a scene involving a rather grim event, involving a few materials around her neck. It’s all about creating that spine-tingling realism!



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Then, he shared another video where he’s creating a mannequin resembling actress Sarah Khalil, who portrays one of the “ripper’s” unfortunate victims. He meticulously designed a model of “Sarah’s” lifeless body, the same one that was found inside the refrigerator, as seen in the first episode. Plus, he’s responsible for making sure the young actress looks the part with makeup.

It’s all about the magic of television and the talented individuals behind the scenes who bring these intense and gripping moments to life, giving us all a good thrill!


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