Beware Of Scammers Pretending To Be Egypt Post

Raghad Khaled

Scammers Pretend To Be Egypt Post To Steal Customers’ Credit Card Information

Over the past few weeks, a large number of Egyptian citizens reported receiving unusual messages from scammers pretending to be Egypt Post, asking them to update their information to receive a package that they have presumably ordered.

The Messages these customers received were sent from a normal phone number, not Egypt Post’s regular number or their email, which made them think the entire message was an attempt to scam them.


What Happens if Customers Click on the Link Sent by Scammers?

Once you click the link sent by the scammers, it takes you to a warning webpage, instructing you not to proceed because it may lead to a violation of your private information.

Egypt Post Releases a Statement Advising People to Fall into Scammer’s Trap

The Egyptian Post clarifies that all these messages are not affiliated with the Egyptian Post, stressing that it has not and will not call to ask the customers for any detailed customer data via mobile phone, text messages, or any other means.

They also declare that they abdicate their responsibility for these messages, and strongly advise people not to give any account information.

Information such as the numbers registered behind the card, the expiration date of the card, the secret number, the personal card number, or payment codes that arrive in text messages from the Egyptian Post to customers to secure purchase transactions from websites. 

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