Bride Beaten During Wedding, While Groom Blamed Black Magic

Manar Eissa

In a shocking turn of events during a wedding ceremony in Al Sharqia Governorate, a groom was captured on video violently pushing and dragging his bride, causing widespread outrage on social media. The incident, initially perceived as a disturbing case of domestic violence, took an even more perplexing twist when the groom attributed his actions to black magic.

After the incident, both the bride and groom went live on social media, attempting to explain away the brutality. They spoke of facing evil forces and black magic, portraying the groom as a victim of circumstances beyond his control. However, their attempts to rationalize the violence were met with skepticism and condemnation from viewers.

Despite the public outcry, the groom remained defiant, announcing his intention to file a lawsuit against the person who captured the video. Meanwhile, the bride said, ‘It’s none of anyone’s business, it’s our life,not yours’, insisting that their private affairs were no concern of the public.

The wedding auditorium owner provided further context, revealing longstanding animosity between the two families. Provocations from the bride’s family allegedly fueled the groom’s rage, resulting in the violent outburst witnessed during the ceremony.

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The disturbing incident of a bride being beaten by her husband during their wedding has sparked conversations about societal norms, familial conflicts, and the prevalence of domestic violence. While the couple attempts to deflect blame and salvage their public image, questions remain about the bride’s well-being and the underlying dynamics of their relationship. While people on social media are assuring that the bride deserves everything bad that will happen after the wedding, once she has accepted to be treated like that.


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