Cairo Parks Will Offer Free Entry Next Friday

Raghad Khaled

Cairo Parks Will Offer Free Entry Next Friday

The Cairo governor Khaled Abdel-Aal announced earlier that Cairo parks will offer free entry to visitors on the occasion of the 6th of October War 50th anniversary.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of Egypt’s historic win against Israel which led to the retrieval of Sinai, and the liberation of its land, a victory which was done under the late president Anwar El Sadat.

Parks That Will Offer Free Entry

5. Al Azhar Park:

Located near Al Darb Al Ahmar, Historic Cairo, Egypt. Al Azhar Park is filled with greenery, a hidden gem within the historical magic of old Cairo. it’s considered to be the go-to park for family activities with a variety of restaurants, events, and relaxation-induced spots.


4. Family Park:

Located in Heliopolis, Cairo, the 70-acre park combines entertainment with educational experiences.

The park itself is constructed in a way that inspires exploration, curiosity, and learning through fun exhibitions for both adults and children.

The park houses four centers: Arts and Technology, Science, Nature, and, Artistic Workshops.

3. Merryland Park

Located in the heart of Cairo in, El-Montaza, Heliopolis, Merryland Park offers a serene greenery scene that will transport you to a land of peace with its walkable paths, shady trees, and soulful fountains.

2. Al Fustat Park

One of the most historical gardens old Cairo neighborhood. The park is often frequented by the Egyptians during Ramadan where they spend spiritual time, due to its proximity to the “Amr Ibn Al-Aas” Mosque, the first mosque built in Africa and the Middle East.

Located on 10 square kilometers of land, the park has a number of green spots with rare types of flowers and trees, it has games for children, and it also has a colorful train that roams throughout the park.


1. Al Horreya Park

Older than 145 years old, Al Horreya Park is located near El Gezira, in central Cairo, and is characterized by a mesmerizing view of the nile, strongly established and rare trees, and a large number of beautiful flower pots.

Additionally, the park also has wooden benches where visitors can sit and enjoy the beautiful picturesque, and be accompanied by statues of historical figures.


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