Chef Burak Touches Down At The Great Pyramids Of Giza


Culinary genuis Burak touches down in Cairo!

Famous Turkish chef Burak just can’t get enough of Egypt! This foodie superstar is back for another round, and this time he’s documenting the whole adventure on Instagram.

Get ready for some serious pyramid posing and maybe even a glimpse of the Nile from a fancy airplane window (dude’s living the high life!). Burak even threw in a little “Come to Egypt” soundtrack, clearly channeling his inner Egyptian travel ambassador.

Not the famous Chef’s first visit

This trip follows his visit last October, where he declared his love for Egypt and broke the internet with photos in front of the pyramids. Looks like Egypt’s got a new fan (and judging by the comments, Burak’s got a lot of new Egyptian fans too!).

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Birds eye view of the pyramids!

The highlight of his trip? A luxurious helicopter tour that offered stunning aerial views of the majestic pyramids and the sprawling Nile River below. This VIP experience undoubtedly added a whole new dimension to Burak’s Egyptian adventure, giving him a bird’s-eye perspective of the wonders he explored on the ground.


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