“Cleopatra” Lead Actress Claps Back At Backlash


Actress Adele James addressed the criticism surrounding her upcoming drama-documentary series, “Queen Cleopatra”. Some individuals have expressed dissatisfaction with the casting of a black African actress to portray the role of Queen Cleopatra, who is historically believed to be of Greek descent. Despite this, Adele remains unfazed and has commented on the matter via her social media.

Adele James clapped back at critics who disagreed with casting a black African actress as Queen Cleopatra in her upcoming drama-doc series, “Queen Cleopatra,”

The actress’s comment was in response to two followers, one of which said, “You believe your lies and try to steal our history, and this is pathetic,” and the other tweeted, “Why is the actress black while Cleopatra is white and Greek?”


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