Commemorating Soaad Hosny’s Legacy With 5 Iconic Movies Of Hers


Soaad Hosny won the hearts of audiences across the Arab world with her incredible talent, natural beauty, and captivating performances. Her sudden departure in 2001 shocked her fans and left a void in the world of Egyptian cinema. As we mourn the departure of the legendary Soaad Hosny, it is only fitting to pay tribute to her remarkable career by revisiting five of her most iconic films. Let’s take a look at 5 of her best movies and performances.


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5. Ghoroub wa Shorouq (1970)

Soaad Hosny delivered a powerful performance as a young woman torn between her loyalty to her family and her love for one of her friends. The movie was one of the most compelling and thought-provoking works introduced to Egyptian films.

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4. Aelat Zizi (1963)

One of the most adorable romantic comedies! Soaad Hosny and Ahmed Ramzy delivered a charming love story that is filled with comic paradoxes. Aelat Zizi is embedded in Egyptians’ hearts and will never be forgotten.

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3. Ishaat Hob (1960)

In one of Egyptian cinema’s most iconic romantic comedies, Soaad Hosny played the role of Samiha. Her unforgettable portrayal of the character further solidified her status as one of Egypt’s most talented actresses.

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2. Khalli Balak Min Zouzou (1972)

This classic comedy did not only produce a remarkable story but also gave the most iconic songs in Egyptian film history. The movie had a combination of drama, comedy, and a truckload of emotions.


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1. Saghira Ala Al Hob (1966)

Soaad Hosny’s most memorable role is definitely Samiha in ‘Saghira Ala Al Hob’. The people loved her in the role; her style even became the trend of the time! Her reactions and body language blew up as everyone was impersonating her. This is why ‘El Cinderella’ is an icon.

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