Control Teams Confirms: “Locusts Situation Is Under Control”

Raghad Khaled

Control Teams Confirm: “Locusts Situation Is Under Control”

The Ministry of Agriculture’s control team announced that the swarm of locusts which was expected to hit Egyptian cities- and is currently in Halayeb and Shalateen, is under control. 

A few days ago, a swarm of locusts flooded Yemen, Sudan, and Eritrea.

With the Sudanese side not taking control measures, the locust swarms succeeded in reaching the Egyptian border in large numbers, which were confronted by the control teams of the Ministry of Agriculture, monitored them, began procedures to deal with them, and succeeded in controlling the situation.

Dr. Ahmed Rizk, head of the Ministry’s Central Department for Agricultural Pest Control, said that the locust swarms that entered Egypt are classified as small swarms and groups of locusts, but we besieged them in the mountainous region, and so far they have not exceeded the Shalateen area.

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He pointed out that the control agencies carry out surveys and control work to monitor any gatherings of desert locusts.

In addition, control teams in the border areas of Halayeb, Shalateen, and south of the Red Sea Governorate, continued the work of resisting and spraying intermittent swarms of yellow desert locusts coming from the direction of the Sudanese border, through personnel and engineers of locust control bases.


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