Controversial Video Leads To Boycott Of Syrians’ Stores In Egypt

Manar Eissa

Recently, there has been a campaign on social media urging people to boycott Syrian stores. This all started because of a video called “Emirate of Love” that’s been trending for two-days in a row.

In the video, a Syrian man suggests to the Egyptian government that Syrians living in Egypt should be relocated to Halayeb, Egypt.

This video stirred controversy on social media, leading to a boycott campaign against Syrian products and stores. The hashtag #ترحيل_السوريين_واجب_وطني –Deportation of Syrians is a National Duty– became number one trend on X, formerly ‘Twitter’.

The controversy around the “Emirate of Love” video and the boycott campaign highlights how complicated the refugee situation can be in Egypt. 

However, people have different opinions about this. While some think that Syrians are putting a financial pressure on Egypt’s economy, especially during this critical-economic crisis.

On the other side, others support Syrians and say there’s no better place for them to go than Egypt.

Egyptian journalists, Amr Adib and Lamis Elhadidi, have spoken up in favor of welcoming refugees from any country, including Syria. They believe that boycotting Syrian stores would be a big loss for these businesses.

In response to all this, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly had a meeting to document the costs of hosting refugees. Which shows that the government is taking the issue seriously and trying to find a solution.

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