Could Power Cuts Extend To 3 Hours Instead Of 2?

Manar Eissa

In a recent episode of ‘El Hekaya’ program, presented by Amr Adib, he addressed pressing concerns about potential power outage increases. As Egypt faces a sweltering heatwave, news has circulated suggesting that power cuts may be extended. This discussion comes at a critical time as resigned Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly is tasked with forming a new cabinet.

Increased Duration of Power Reduction

Adeeb discussed circulating news about a new plan to extend electricity supply cuts from two hours to three hours. While he stressed that these reports are unconfirmed, he acknowledged that there might be some truth to them.

He stated, “Today, on the eve of the Prime Minister being assigned to head the new ministry, there is strong unconfirmed news, but it seems that it has a lot of truth. The electricity will be cut off for two and a half to three hours instead of the current two hours.”

Public Opinion on Government Performance

Amr Adeeb also questioned Egyptians’ attitudes toward the current government and the resigned Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbouly. He emphasized that polling public opinion and gauging citizens’ views on the government’s performance is a common and necessary practice worldwide.

As Egypt navigates these challenging times, Adeeb’s insights shed light on the broader implications of government decisions and public sentiment. The coming days will reveal whether the power outage extensions become a reality and how the new government will address the nation’s pressing issues.

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Concerns are raised

Many people have reacted to this news with numerous concerns regarding the potential increase in power cuts. They are contemplating the current heatwave and questioning how power shortages could worsen amidst such extreme temperatures, especially considering the high costs of electricity. Additionally, there are worries about Thanaweya Amma students who are set to take exams in the next two weeks. They face the daunting challenge of studying and sitting for exams amidst both the heatwave and power outage.


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