Cutting Down Trees, Then Replanting Them… People Are Wondering Why!

Raghad Khaled

Cutting Down Trees, Then Replanting Them… People Are Wondering Why!

Trees specifically and green spaces generally are considered a haven for those who are often on the run and they seek shelter from the brutal heatwave under its shadow.

However, tragically, Egypt has recently witnessed a brutal derooting of its green spaces, leaving Egyptians angry, frustrated, and on edge.

The Egyptian House of Representatives

The Egyptian House of Representatives demanded an investigation into this phenomenon while working to increase the size of green spaces throughout the country. 

Some officials said that the cutting is carried out through several classifications. Some trees are removed due to cases of decay or diseases in them, especially old and perennial trees, which pose a danger to citizens and vehicles waiting underneath them.

Other sources said that trees are not cut down unless they pose a danger to the environment, and a specialized committee does this, and the Ministry follows every violation, stressing that the removal of trees is carried out by neighborhood authorities and not by the Ministry of Environment.

Ministry of Environment

In a statement, the minister of environment, Yasmine fouad denied the allegations of a systematic plan to cut down trees and assured that egypt is keen on increasing its green spaces. 

The minister also conducted a national dialogue to accelerate the implementation of the “100 million trees” initiative.

However, people didn’t take the news of the initiative lightly. 


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