Dahab’s Beaches Are Being Cleaned Up After An Oil Spill


According to a statement from the environment ministry, locals in Dahab saw crude oil traces on several beaches today.

There are oil globules strewn throughout a vast area of the Red Sea close to Dahab, especially at the Al Ayl Garden, Al Asala, and Zernouk beaches

A cargo terminal berth in the port of Jordan’s Aqaba is responsible for the spill, but minimal damage is expected for marine life and coral reefs.

The Chamber of Diving and Water Sports in the Red Sea asked divers to avoid the impacted areas until further notice.

According to the ministry, the globules had a diameter that varied from five centimetres to one metre.

Al Salam Centre for Combating Marine Oil Pollution of the ministry, which is situated in the adjacent city of Sharm El Sheikh, is coordinating an effort to clean the Red Sea waters to prevent harm to marine life.


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