Damaged Property To Be Demolished Post Ahram Studio Fire


Decision to Demolish Damaged Property as Residents Collect Their Belongings

Authorities in Egypt issue a decision to demolish a building severely affected by the Ahram Studio fire, which spread to several adjacent properties causing damage.

Residents of the building have started gathering their belongings from the residential units in preparation for the necessary demolition procedures, especially since it is located amidst several other properties.

The decision to demolish is part of the measures initiated by the concerned authorities following the fire. An engineering committee was formed to assess the losses resulting from the Ahram Studio fire and the adjacent properties.

A committee was tasked to examine the site of the fire

The committee, comprised of professors from the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, was tasked with examining the site of the fire and the damaged properties to determine whether they are suitable for restoration or require demolition due to the charring of their walls.

The prosecution summoned residents affected by the fire to hear their testimonies regarding the incident.

Investigations revealed the full details of the Ahram Studio fire

Investigations by the Imbaba prosecution revealed the full details of the Ahram Studio fire that broke out early Saturday morning in the Khattam Al-Morsalin Street area of Imbaba.

The investigations showed that the fire broke out at one o’clock in the morning during the pre-dawn meal time, engulfing the entire shooting location over a vast area and resulting in the charring of its contents, which consisted of wooden, foam, and fabric decorations, aiding in the rapid spread of the flames.


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