Due To Her Support For Israel: Urgent Legal Action Is Taken To Cancel A Concert For A Canadian Artist In North Coast

Manar Eissa

Canadian artist Blond:ish has announced plans for her summer 2024 concerts, including a scheduled performance on Egypt’s North Coast on July 26. However, her announcement has ignited controversy in Egypt due to her past statements describing Palestinians as ‘terrorists’ and her support for Israel.

The Egyptian public has reacted strongly to Blond:ish’s planned concert, with many expressing outrage and calling for its cancellation. Social media platforms have been flooded with demands to bar her entry into Egypt in solidarity with Gaza, highlighting widespread sentiments against her stance on the Israeli war on Gaza.

Blond:ish, who has previously voiced solidarity with Israel amid conflicts in Gaza, attempted to address the backlash. In an apparent effort to appease Egyptian public opinion and ensure the concert proceeds, she posted a message on her Instagram account expressing support for Palestine, despite her earlier comments characterizing Palestinian resistance groups as terrorists.

The controversy has made Blond:ish a top trending topic on Egyptian search engines, underscoring the intensity of public sentiment against her upcoming performance. Meanwhile, lawyer Amr Abdel Salam has urgently urged Mostafa Kamel, head of the Musical Professions Syndicate, to revoke Blondish’s concert license. He argued that allowing her performance would deeply offend millions of Egyptians and Arabs.

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This is not the first time for Lawyer Amr Abdel Salam to take urgent action to halt concerts, as he did it many times trying to maintain the Egyptian social norms 

The unfolding situation continues to provoke debate and scrutiny, highlighting the intersection of music, politics, and public opinion in the region.


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