Egypt Braces For Rising Temperatures This Week


Get ready to crank up the A/C, folks! Egypt’s Meteorological Authority just dropped some hot news: temperatures are on the rise starting tomorrow and sticking around until May 5th. Greater Cairo can expect highs of 28, 31, 33, and 29 degrees from Tuesday through Friday. But don’t sweat it (too much) because it’ll still be chilly in the morning and at night. Plus, there’s some windy action going on in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, and South Sinai.

In other news, winter’s officially over and spring has sprung! Time to bust out the shades and sunscreen. Here’s what you can expect temperature-wise in some key cities over the next few days:

  • Cairo: highs of 26, lows of 17
  • Alexandria: highs of 24, lows of 15
  • Marsa Matrouh: highs of 21, lows of 16
  • Sohag: highs of 29, lows of 16
  • Aswan: highs of 32, lows of 19

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and enjoy the sunshine


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