Egypt Captures 27 Medals In Virtus Global Games In France

Raghad Khaled
Egypt Captures 27 Medals In Virtus Global Games In France

Egypt’s Team For Athletes With Disabilities Captures 27 Medals In France’s Virtus Global Games!

Virtus Global Games is an international competition that was held from June 4th until June 10th.

The competition is the most significant one held for high-level athletes with Intellectual disabilities, down syndrome, and autism without intellectual disabilities.

The event houses over 400 members of staff and 80 athletes from all over the globe!

The Team Managed To Capture 27 Medals!

President of the Egyptian Athletic Federation for People With Intellectual Disabilities, Amal Mabdi stated that the team managed to capture 27 medals in 5 different games out of the original 14 games!

The team managed to capture 11 Gold Medals, 5 Silver ones, and 11 Bronze!

The games in which the athletes participated were Power Games, Swimming, Table Tennis, Karate, and Horse Riding!

Mabdi announced that Egypt participated with a delegation consisting of 57 members, with 37 athletes participating in the different sports.

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