Egypt Denies Discussing Rafah Invasion With Israel

Raghad Khaled




Egypt Denies Discussing Rafah Invasion With Israel

Diaa Rashwan, the head of the State Information Service (SIS), denied the allegations published in the Wall Street Journal that Egypt had discussed with Israel the plans for the Rafah invasion.

In a statement, Diaa Rashwan emphasized Egypt’s consistent and firm stance against Israel’s actions and explained that an assault of this magnitude would lead to a disastrous human catastrophe.

Rashwan further stated that Egypt has repeatedly warned Israel through numerous channels against carrying out such an operation as any expansion would harm the region’s instability.

Regardless of Israel’s plans, Rashwan emphasized Cairo’s continuous attempts to de-escalate the conflict.

These measures attempt to achieve a cease-fire, facilitate a prisoner and detainee exchange, and provide adequate humanitarian supplies to Gaza, particularly the northern sections.

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