Egypt Establishes Logistics Hub in Rafah for Gaza Aid 

Manar Eissa

The Governor of North Sinai, Mohamed Abdel-Fadil Shousha, announced on Saturday that the Armed Forces are establishing a logistics area in Rafah to receive aid for Gaza from foreign countries, as well as regional and international organizations.

This logistics hub is set to play a vital role as a central storage and preparation facility for aid destined for Gaza. It will ensure that the aid is safeguarded from adverse weather conditions and efficiently prepared for delivery.

The governor highlighted that the new area will have parking for trucks, secure warehouses, offices, and accommodations for drivers, all with electricity and necessary amenities. This hub will store and prepare aid, protecting it from bad weather. It will ease the burden on drivers, reduce traffic in Al-Arish, and help the Egyptian Red Crescent work better.

It will equipped with all necessary amenities and electricity, the hub aims to facilitate seamless transportation of aid to and from the area, ensuring swift and effective relief efforts.

Egypt Denies Building Camps for Displaced Palestinians in Sinai

Amid Egypt’s efforts, Diaa Rashwan, the head of Egypt’s State Information Service, denied reports that Egypt is building camps in Sinai for displaced Palestinians from Gaza. He emphasized Egypt’s rejection of any displacement, labeling it a war crime.

Rashwan affirmed Egypt’s commitment to supporting Palestinians within their own lands, stating that displacement would worsen the crisis and threaten Egyptian sovereignty.

 He also highlighted Egypt’s ongoing efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Gaza.


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