Egypt Extends Access to Cairo’s Historic Saladin Citadel


Egypt Broadens Access to Cairo’s Historic Saladin Citadel

Egypt recently announced an expansion in visitor access to Cairo’s Saladin Citadel, an ancient fortress dating back almost 850 years. Regarded as one of the city’s premier tourist attractions and a significant Islamic monument, the Citadel served as the seat of Egyptian governance from the 13th to the 19th century.

Additional areas will be accessible to the public

While sections of the fortress have been open to the public since 1983, recent restoration efforts have enabled the opening of additional areas such as the Ramla and Haddad towers. This move aligns with Egypt’s broader strategy to rebrand Cairo as a cultural destination, with further details on the initiative, termed ‘Cairo City Break,’ expected to be revealed soon.

The expansion of Citadel access coincides with the forthcoming opening of the Grand Egyptian Museum, long-awaited and set to showcase 100,000 artifacts across 12 exhibition halls and a vast 484,000 square feet.


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