Egypt Increases Military Service Settlement Fees To $7000

Manar Eissa

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with the Ministry of State for Immigration, has issued initiatives to support its citizens residing abroad regarding their Military Service obligations. The initiative is to pay a fee of 7000 dollars or euros for settling the military service status. The aim is to address the concerns of Egyptian citizens residing outside the country who may face obstacles in traveling due to military service obligations.

To address these concerns, the government has announced measures to facilitate the regularization of conscription status. Key points of these measures include:

  • Registration Period: Eligible individuals can register for regularization from May 1st to July 1st, 2024.
  • Application Process: Requests can be submitted online through a dedicated website for Egyptians abroad aged 18 to 30. Older individuals must follow applicable regulations.
  • Passport Renewal Requirement: Renewal of passports for Egyptians abroad depends on resolving conscription status.
  • Payment Procedures: Residents of France can pay through the Egyptian Consulate in Paris or the Military Representation Office, with a fee of $7,000 or its euro equivalent.

While some see these measures as beneficial, providing relief to those hesitant to return to Egypt due to unresolved military service, others express concerns about the financial burden, especially for those facing economic difficulties. 

Others believe that military service holds a value beyond financial concerns, emphasizing the duty individuals have toward their nation. On the flip side, some worry about the financial burdens these measures may place on those already facing economic challenges.

In conclusion, although the Egyptian government’s efforts to aid citizens abroad in resolving conscription status are a response to a significant issue, they’ve ignited a debate on their implications and foundational principles. 

Striking a balance between legal duties and socio-economic factors poses a nuanced challenge, underscoring the need for continuous dialogue and engagement to navigate these complexities adeptly.


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