“Egypt Metro” App Will Help You Reach Your Destination Effortlessly

Raghad Khaled

“Egypt Metro” Application Will Help You Reach Your Destination Efficiently

A 21-year-old university student, Osama Hamdy, created a new “Egypt Metro” application in order to help passengers reach their destinations without getting lost.

Osama explained in an interview with Al Masry Al Youm that he always got lost trying to reach his destination via the metro and that he found that there were a lot of people like him, unable to understand the metro routes.

This confusion prompted him to create the application to make life a little easier and to make the railway more accessible.

“Egypt Metro” is a seamless, and user-friendly application, that helps passengers navigate the Egyptian railway system to reach their destinations conveniently.

How To Use The Application:

Available on Google Play, the application asks users to enter their what station they’re riding from, and their destination.

Having done that, the application will provide a full-detailed route including the line and direction they should follow and if there is a change in line, the app shows the change and from which station to which line and direction.

The application also includes the duration of the entire ride, the names of the stations, and the ticket prices.

Additionally, It also shows the nearest station to the place of the user and leads to it via Google Maps.

History Of The Application:

Hamdy explained that the origins of the application started with a website that he designed.

After showing the website to his friends and getting a positive reaction, he decided to make the idea of the website more accessible, leading him to learn how to program his own app.

During the interview, he stated that the moment he joined Cairo University, he started learning programming, which he accomplished through tutorials!

Osama explained that programming was fun for him and that he found that codes could help him reach the results he wanted which has ticked and increased his curiosity to learn a little more!

He ended the interview hoping that “Egypt Metro” provides commuters with a positive experience.

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