Egypt Mummifies The Hurghada Shark For Display In A Museum

Raghda Salah Embaby

Egypt is mummifying the Hurghada Shark to exhibit it in a museum. Specialists from the Institute of Marine Sciences and the Red Sea Reserves have begun the mummification process. They aim to preserve the shark’s body using traditional techniques. The purpose is to display the mummified shark in the institute’s museum. This will allow visitors to see the unique specimen and learn about the marine life of the Red Sea region. The mummified shark will join other exhibits in the museum, attracting the attention of those who encounter it.



Earlier, the authorities managed to remove the upper half of the Russian tourist’s body from the shark’s belly, including the head, chest, and arms. The fishermen, on the other hand, successfully retrieved the remaining half from the sea. This allowed them to recover the complete body of the Russian tourist, with the authorities handling the part inside the shark and the fishermen retrieving the part in the water. The joint efforts of the authorities and fishermen ensured that the entire body was retrieved, enabling further investigation and necessary actions to be taken regarding this unfortunate incident.






The Red Sea Governor is working with the Tourism Investment Association to require hotels to put nets on specific spots along the beaches. This is to keep sharks away, ensure safety, and avoid future incidents. It aims to reassure beachgoers and promote a sense of security. Specialized committees will determine the best net locations. The goal is to protect lives, prevent shark accidents, and give peace of mind to beach visitors.









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