Egypt Ramps Up Security At The Rafah Border With 40 Tanks

Raghad Khaled

Egypt Ramps Up Security At The Rafah Border With 40 New Additional Tanks

As the war enters its 126th day, the southern city of Rafah on the Egyptian border continues to witness disastrous bombardment, leaving civilians injured and horribly murdered by the Israeli forces.

The occupation’s warplanes bombed Rafah, the city adjacent to the Egyptian border on Friday, leading Egypt to ramp up the security at the borders.

According to Egypt Independent, a security source announced that Egypt has dispatched 40 tanks and armed security personnel carriers to north Sinai.

This comes as part of Egypt’s strategy to enhance border security as the war persists in Gaza, with the death toll reaching more than 28,000 Gazans and more than 70,000 injured.

As the war marches on to the Palestinian city of Rafah, Egypt has also built a concrete border wall up to six meters high topped with barbed wire, erected more barriers, and strengthened surveillance on border sites.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu ordered the IOF to “prepare for evacuating civilians from Rafah” as the forces prepare to conduct military operations in the densely populated city.

Rafah is currently a refuge to more than 1.5 million displaced Gazans after the Israeli shelling has deemed all sides of the strip completely uninhabitable.

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