Egypt Receives 29 Incubated Babies From Gaza

Raghad Khaled

Egypt Receives 29 Incubated Babies From Al-Shifaa Hospital In Gaza

According to Al Kahera Al Ikhareya and Sky News Arabia, Egypt has received 29 incubated babies from Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza after Israel’s military operation continued to surround the hospitals.

The Israeli war machine has reportedly bombed the last working generator at the hospital, cutting off the oxygen, electricity, and heat from the incubators.

Approximately 5 of the original 29 babies have already tragically lost their lives due to insufficient healthcare.

This led President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to direct the Minister of Health and Population Khaled Abdel Ghaffar to get in contact with Al Shifa’s Hospital manager to arrange the transfer of the remaining premature babies to hospitals in Al Arish.

Minister of Health announced that 36 ambulances were ready and equipped to receive the babies.

29 Premature Babies Arrive At Al Arish

According to Sky News Arabia and CNN, Egypt has received 29 babies from the hospital in a convoy of Egyptian ambulances.

A source told CNN that 4 mothers and 6 nurses accompanied the babies, who will be sent to two separate hospitals in Egypt for treatment.

The operation was handled by the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and various other organizations.

31 babies were transferred from Al Shifa’s Hospital to the Emirati hospital in the South city of Rafah.

2 babies remained at the Emirati’s ICU unit, while 29, with one infant, said to be in good health,  and a third baby did not transfer to Egypt as his parents are currently in northern Gaza.

Additionally, The other 28 will be treated at the Al-Arish Hospital in Sinai and the New Capital Hospital in Cairo.

An egyptian doctor, named Ahmed, told Al Kahera An Ikhbareya, “We have been waiting for them during the past few days. We have made all the preparations to receive the newborn babies with all the medical equipment needed for that, and some babies require more  advanced medical measures.”

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