Egypt & Qatar Receive Hamas’s Response On Ceasefire Proposal

Raghad Khaled

Egypt Receives Hamas’s Response On Ceasefire Proposal

An Egyptian source has confirmed that egypt received a response from Hamas on the suggested deal about de-escalating the situation in Gaza. The source also confirmed that the concerned parties are currently discussing the details of the deal, according to Al Kahera Al Ikhbareya.

Diaa Rashwan, Head of the State Information Service in Egypt, also confirmed to the channel that the deal’s details will ultimately lead to a ceasefire in three stages.

He explained that Egypt announced that it had submitted a proposal in “three” stages that would eventually end in a ceasefire and an exchange of hostages and prisoners.

The first phase:

Sources have told Al Jazeera that the First Phase entails the release of 1,500 prisoners, including 500 with life sentences, and all women, children, and the elderly.

Along with a temporary halt in military operations for 45 days, Aerial reconnaissance, and repositioning of Israeli forces outside populated areas in the Strip.

Additionally, sources have also told Al Jazeera that Hamas requested Egypt, Qatar, the United States of America, Russia, and Turkey to be guarantors of the deal.

Hamas requested the return of displaced Palestinians to their homes, along with ensuring freedom of movement between the north and the rest of the strip.

Additionally, the group also conditioned the entry of at least 500 humanitarian and fuel convoys to the Strip.

Moreover, they also requested the entry of at least 60,000 temporary camps and 200,000 shelter tents into Gaza.

The group also conditioned that a plan for the reconstruction of homes, economic, and public facilities must be approved within a maximum period of 3 years.

Furthermore, they also requested the cessation of storming Al Aqsa Compound by settlers along with returning to the mosque to the conditions before 2002.

The Second Phase:

In the Second Phase, extending over 45 days, Hamas offered to release all Israeli citizens and military persons in exchange for a certain number of Palestinian hostages.

Additionally, this phase includes the complete withdrawal of Israeli forces from the besieged strip.

Ensuring the reconstruction of infrastructure and facilities destroyed during the genocide.

Moreover, establishing mechanisms that guarantee the implementation of this and the complete end of the blockade on the Gaza Strip. 

The Third Phase:

This stage aims to exchange the bodies and remains of the deceased from both sides after inspecting and identifying them, and to continue the humanitarian measures of the first and second stages, by what will be agreed upon in the first and second stages.

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