Egypt Retrieves Anwar El Sadat’s Passport

Raghad Khaled
Egypt retrieves sadat passport

Egypt Repatriates Anwar El Sadat’s Passport!

A few months ago, Late President Anwar El Sadat’s Diplomatic Passport was displayed on Heritage’s auction house and was eventually sold for $47,000.

The sale of the passport was met with controversy as most Egyptians consider the passport to be a national heirloom and should not have left the country.

It was thought by many that the reasonable place for the passport to be is the Bibliotheca Alexandria as the library has a museum displaying pieces from his most memorable situations.

However, the Director of Bibliotheca Alexandrina denied having any knowledge of the passport’s whereabouts before it reached the mysterious buyer in the US.

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The museum’s collection was donated by his wife, Jihan El Sadat in order to be displayed in the museum.


Now, the director of the library has confirmed the retrieval of the passport affirming that “the retrieval was done in record time” which he thanked the authorities for.


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