Egypt Welcomes UN Security Council’s Gaza Ceasefire Resolution

Manar Eissa

In a significant development aimed at fostering peace and stability in Gaza, Egypt has welcomed the recent resolution proposed by the United States at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). This resolution, proposed by President Joe Biden, overwhelming support from fourteen out of fifteen Security Council members, marking a crucial step towards achieving a permanent ceasefire agreement in Gaza.

The resolution, meticulously drafted by the United States, outlines a framework for a ‘full and complete ceasefire’ in Gaza. It highlights key conditions, including the exchange of hostages and the trading of Palestinian prisoners for humanitarian aid. Its aim is to push for a resolution to the crisis and to bring lasting peace to the area.

Egypt welcomes the UNSC resolution expresses its unwavering dedication to supporting peace and stability in the region. As a key mediator in the Israeli genocide, Egypt has played a pivotal role in facilitating dialogue and negotiations between conflicting parties.

In its statement, the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called upon both Israel and Hamas to demonstrate sincere commitment and urgency in implementing the provisions outlined in the resolution. Urging swift action, Egypt emphasized the need for all parties to refrain from any delay or conditionality that could undermine the prospects of achieving a lasting ceasefire agreement.

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Meanwhile, Hamas has expressed its readiness to cooperate with international mediators in implementing the principles outlined in the UN resolution. With Egypt’s strong backing and support from other countries, there’s new hope for a lasting ceasefire in Gaza.


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