EgyptAir Faces Criticism For Disappointing Handling Of Dubai Floods

Raghad Khaled

EgyptAir Faces Criticism For Disappointing Handling Of Dubai Floods

Negligence, no reimbursement, and disappointing crisis management policies, travelers report their experiences with EgyptAir during the storm in Dubai.

The United Arab Emirates was hit with the heaviest rainfall in 75 years as described by the government, flooding houses, major highways, and mainly, the Dubai International Airport. 

The flooding of Dubai International Airport caused management to halt all inbound or outbound flights, leaving many passengers stuck, and unable to reach their destinations.

Travelers, who were supposed to board EgyptAir’s plane back to Egypt, took to Facebook to express their frustration with the airline’s crisis management policy.

One user took to Facebook to share his experience with the airline during the devastating storm.

In his post, a traveler stuck at Dubai airport explained how the airline kept delaying the flight until it was suddenly taken off the board, with no explanation.

He also explained that there was no airline representative present to help the passengers sort out the delay or the cancellation and that he and the other passengers were not informed of the flight cancellation.

Additionally, another user explained how her 14-year-old son was also stuck at the airport with no one from the company explaining the crisis management procedure. Moreover, when his son was finally able to find a flight, he was told he would have to pay for the rebooking.

However, some users came to the airline’s defense, urging the post users not to blame them, as it was the airport management who withheld the information from the airlines.

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