Egyptian Actress Cariman Passes Away At 87

Raghad Khaled

Egyptian Actress Cariman Passes Away At The Age of 87

Being a 50’s movie star, Cariman made her acting debut in 1956 with the movie “The Magic Lamp”.

She went on to star in many other films and create history with her unique acting skills. 

So, these movies will help you remember the Egyptian actress and her unique movies.

5- The Magic Lamp:

Ismail Yassin, taking on the role of Mostafa, works at a textile company and suffers at the hands of his callous boss, Mursi. His life changes when he buys a magical lamp and a genie offers him Mursi’s position.


4- Sukkar Hanem

Fareed asks his friend Sukkar to impersonate the former’s aunt to achieve his goals. Their plan backfires when Fareed’s aunt appears.

3- American From Tanta

Ibrahim Afendi is a poor employee who lives with his wife and daughter. He reads about an American millionaire of Egyptian descent who wants to visit Egypt and meet his family.

2- Shahr Asal Basal

Ismail falls in love with his neighbor Samia and gets married. While on their honeymoon, he is shocked to find his mother-in-law there and tries to get rid of her.

1- Girls of Today

The father of Salwa and Laila goes through a lot of trouble as a man named Khaled befriends them and falls for one of them. Tensions arise when Fathi, Khaled’s friend, is in love with the same girl.

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