Egyptian Doctors Volunteer To Aid The Injured In Gaza

Raghad Khaled

Egyptian Doctors Volunteer To Aid Hospitals In Gaza Through The Red Crescent

Osama Abdel-Hay President of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate announced during a phone interview with Ten Channel that a collaboration between the Egyptian Red Crescent and the Syndicate will help doctors volunteer to help those in need in Gaza.

Abdel-Hay announced that doctors are selected based on their specializations in accordance with the specialties required in Gaza, pointing out that more than 700 volunteers in the required specialties have applied, in addition to hundreds from general specialties.

He clarified that the Gaza Strip is currently in need of specializations in general surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, intensive care, anesthesia, psychology, neurology, and cardiothoracic surgery.

He explained that doctors are being trained, group by group, for one day at the Egyptian Red Crescent on dealing with emergency situations, such as receiving hundreds of injured people at once and other situations.

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He explained that doctors entering the Gaza Strip will be in coordination with the Egyptian Red Crescent, the Red Cross, and international organizations.

That is if the crossing is opened and doctors are allowed to enter, they will enter, but if that does not happen and the wounded Palestinians are allowed to enter Egyptian hospitals in Sinai or anywhere in Egypt, we will be prepared for that.

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