Egyptian Family Reveals 84-Year-Old Palestinian Coin


A coin from Palestine dating back to 1927.

In Arabic, English, and Hebrew, this is how the name of the occupied land was written on its metal currency designed in 1939, which an Egyptian family has owned for decades. Their son shared it on social media in the past few hours, and it received widespread attention. It is considered a rare document resisting attempts to erase and forge history by the Zionist entity.

A priceless possesion

Ahmed Hassan, the son, who is a content creator and English language lecturer, stated that he refused to sell the currency because it is “priceless,” indicating that his father, born in 1937, had a passion for collecting foreign currencies such as Libyan, Italian, French, Egyptian, and Palestinian ones.

After his passing around 11 years ago, we held onto his belongings, and from time to time, whenever my siblings, their children, and I would visit our mother, we would take out and look at them. One day, we found a black bag containing old currencies like shillings, piastres, and riyals. On October 14th (during the Israeli airstrikes on Gaza), my sister Sarah and I, along with the rest of the family, were going through the currencies. That’s when I found a coin similar to our old quarter pound coin but slightly smaller. When I examined what was written on it, I found ‘Palestine’ in all three languages.



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