Egyptian Government Aims to Help 1 Million Citizens Secure Overseas Jobs by 2030


In a bid to enhance economic opportunities for its citizens and bolster remittances from Egyptians working abroad, the Madbouly government has unveiled an ambitious plan to facilitate access to overseas job markets. The government aims to assist one million Egyptians in securing employment opportunities in developed countries by 2030, with a particular focus on crucial sectors such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Information Technology (IT), nursing, and biotechnology.

The strategic initiative is detailed in the Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center’s “Strategic Economic Directions” report. The primary objective is to ensure that Egyptians seeking employment abroad receive the necessary certifications and qualifications required by these highly competitive labor markets.

Why is the government pursuing this plan?

One of the key drivers behind this initiative is the government’s determination to increase remittances from Egyptians living and working abroad. By facilitating access to overseas jobs and enabling citizens to secure positions in high-demand fields, the government seeks to boost annual remittances by 10% each year. The ultimate goal is to reach an impressive total of USD 53 billion in remittances by the year 2030.


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