Egyptian Horse Carriage Driver Returns Lost Bag with $2500 and Jewelry


The epitome of honesty and integrity!

Abu al-Hasan Abu al-Hajar, a horse carriage driver in the city of Edfu, Aswan Governorate, sets an example of honesty by returning a bag containing $2500 and gold jewelry to its owner, a tourist who accidentally left it behind in the carriage.

The horse carriage driver mentioned that the tourist was visiting the city of Edfu in Aswan Governorate, and upon leaving the city, she discovered that she had forgotten her bag. The tourist guide contacted him, and indeed, they found it in the carriage. He added: ‘We returned it to her without anyone touching it, and when the tourist opened her bag, she found all her belongings intact.’


Prized possesions were safely returned to the tourist

The bag contained dollars, gold jewelry, an iPhone, and some personal belongings of the tourist. He added: ‘When we returned the bag to her, she offered us a thousand dollars, but we refused to take it.’

The horse carriage driver further explained that the tourist, after returning home, came back from England after 20 days to thank him for his honesty. He added: ‘The tourist hugged us and couldn’t believe what had happened to her, and she shared the story with a newspaper in England.



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