Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate Calls To Expel Israeli Ambassador

Manar Eissa

The Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate condemns the bombardment of Rafah near the Egyptian border, considering it a violation of Egypt’s national security. They called for expelling the Israeli ambassador and terminating the agreement with the entity.

The Journalists’ Syndicate stated that Biden’s statements are such a green light to complete the crime of genocide. ‘We strongly denounce the US President’s support for these threats, viewing it as a green light for potential attacks, civilian casualties, and regional instability. This adds to a history of American crimes against the Palestinian people.”

According to the White House, President Joe Biden informed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday that any military operation in the densely populated city of Rafah should not proceed without a clear plan to ‘ensure the safety of the population’. 

The Egyptian Journalists’ Syndicate declared the following:

  • The Journalists Syndicate condemns threats to Rafah, seeing them as attacks on Egyptian security.
  • Calls for expelling the Israel ambassador, withdrawing the Egyptian ambassador, and canceling agreements with them.
  • Strongly opposes the US President’s support for these threats, fearing it could lead to attacks, civilian deaths, and regional chaos.
  • Stresses unity in confronting genocide, which directly threatens Egypt’s security and is like declaring war.
  • Embrace countries supporting Palestine, cut ties with nations backing Israel’s aggression, especially the US and Europe.
  • Back South Africa’s lawsuit accusing Israel of Palestinian genocide.

The Syndicate ended its statement by affirming their solidarity with all measures to confront the genocide in Gaza, which poses a direct threat to Egyptian national security and is considered tantamount to a declaration of war.


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